3 Tips to Market Your Marijuana Dispensary

There are  many marijuana dispensaries currently on the market, and new ones are coming up every other day.  It is crucial for your Las Vegas dispensary to stand out from the rest of the competition if you want to be successful.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Tips

Clients usually use an array of factors when determining the marijuana dispensary to visit and the one to avoid. The following are some three tips to market your marijuana dispensary effectively:

Leverage social networks

It is imperative that you interact with all your clients as it can just impact the longevity of your marijuana dispensary. Encourage your employees to communicate with your customers to build both trust and familiarity with the brand that you are promoting. It can also become a dominant driving force when helping sales that are sustainably consistent. It might seem obvious, but it is essential to inform people of the existence of your marijuana dispensary so that they can consider it among other options. Alternatively, you can become the sponsor of a social event or conference associated with cannabis or host a BBQ. Other viable options include throwing a concert and doing a canned food drive. Social interaction is considered to be among the most significant factors that a cannabis retailer ought to observe and cultivate.

Solidify a brand design and strategy

You can create a pleasant and lasting first impression of your marijuana dispensary through consistent and effective branding. It helps to set the right tone for all future interactions as well provides the public with something extra to remember. Similarly, branding also formulates an expectation about the quality of service or product that consumers will receive. This helps to lure in a target audience. Therefore, you can never go wrong by providing exemplary branding on your cannabis dispensary business.

Interior design

The interior design of your marijuana dispensary should be superb to create a memorable experience with clients. The store should be adequately designed in all the areas, i.e., décor inside the lobby to the shop’s layout. When there is even a slight sense of comfort in your marijuana dispensary, rest assured you will attract clients to the dispensary. The pattern and color on the dispensary walls, dressing of the budtenders and even the product display cases will significantly influence clients to make a purchasing decision. Furthermore, these factors can also make them come back despite the existence of other dispensaries. The interior design should be influenced by the type of people that constitute the local community since they are your primary client base. By adequately understanding them then you can make an interior that appeals to who they are. The key takeaway here is that the cannabis dispensary should have a thoughtful design with clean and gentle tones.


The three tips to market your marijuana dispensary listed above are very insightful and should sufficiently guide business owners to help them stand out from the competition. The industry is characterized by cut-throat competition, and these tips might be what your dispensary needs to survive the test of time.

Marketing Your Vegas Dispensary

Now that cannabis is legal in a handful of states with more coming there are dispensaries opening up all the time.  If you want your business to grow and last then you need to know how to market it.  Cannabis marketing isn’t easy so here are some tips that can help get you noticed.

Start with Social Media

If you want your dispensary to last then the relationships with your customers will determine how long you stay open.  Use the power of social networks to build that relationship.  Social media can help you to build your brand and your reputation with your customers.  You can also help build a customer base that gives you consistent sales throughout the year.  Social media are marketing tools you need to start using now.  Here is how to market on social media.

Have a nice looking dispensary

An attractive store with a nice layout and a warm and comforting atmosphere will go a long way in making your customers want to return.  You can do things like putting your budtenders  in an informal uniform with your logo clearly displayed.  Have some color on the walls  and have your products well laid out and on display.  Cannabis is still a fairly new industry so you have to do your best to make customers feel warm and welcome.

Have a brand building strategy

Consistent and effective branding strategies will help you make the right first impression for new customers.  You can start the tone for your future relationships with your customers on the right foot when you use the right branding message.  It also helps set expectations as to the quality of the products you offer and the service customers can expect.

Have a great online presence

Part of your branding message it to have a professionally designed website that is visually appealing.  Most of the time this is the first impression that most customers will see.  Today, everybody checks out businesses online before ever setting foot in a local store.  Even when you have a brick and mortar store, don’t underestimate the importance of being online and setting up an SEO campaign.

Marketing cannabis is all about treading that fine line between getting your message in front of customers and the legal issues that surround the industry.  Even here in Vegas there are still plenty of rules around the industry.  Even in the cannabis industry you need to present a professional image and understanding the best use of your marketing dollars.  A reputable and experience cannabis marketing agency can help tremendously with that.

Attracting Tourists to Your Vegas Dispensary

Do you own or manage a dispensary in Las Vegas, and want to get more tourists as clients? Definitely, you do. It is easy to attract the visitors that flock to Vegas every year if you have an effective strategy. You should keep in mind that just like the locals, tourists are also looking for the best medical services. Read on to find out how to bring them to your dispensary.

Upgrade your dispensary

Check your dispensary and determine if it is the type that a tourist would want to visit. Since you do not know the standards applicable in other states or countries, the best approach would be to offer the best. Visit medical stores and inquire about the latest equipment. One thing you need to know is that the equipment will always determine the quality of medical services at your dispensary. If you can assure tourists of high-quality services, you will keep them.

Diversify your services

What are the medical services offered at your dispensary? If you are limited to a few categories, it could be the reason tourists are not coming. You can never know the problems that your customers will be suffering from. For instance, you are going to receive those that have fractured a leg while skating, or those that have muscle pains due to too much activity. You also will receive those that caught a cold, or others that have recurring problems such as blood pressure and glaucoma. The trick is to ensure that you can take care of all of them. If you do not have enough referrals, bring them on board.

Marketing your dispensary

After upgrading your equipment and diversifying the services, the next step is to take your business to the tourists. No matter how good your place is, nobody knows about you unless you tell them. Embark on a vigorous marketing campaign both on and offline. To do this, you should create a website where any tourist that is researching about Las Vegas will find you. Be sure to optimize it for search engines so that you can get more traffic. For offline marketing, go to forums where tourists participate, and advertise your dispensary there.

In a nutshell, attracting tourists to your Vegas dispensary should not be a difficult task. You also may want to ask those who have already enjoyed your services to refer you to their compatriots and anyone else planning to travel to Vegas when they go back home.