Marketing Your Vegas Dispensary

Marketing Your Vegas Dispensary

Now that cannabis is legal in a handful of states with more coming there are dispensaries opening up all the time.  If you want your business to grow and last then you need to know how to market it.  Cannabis marketing isn’t easy so here are some tips that can help get you noticed.

Start with Social Media

If you want your dispensary to last then the relationships with your customers will determine how long you stay open.  Use the power of social networks to build that relationship.  Social media can help you to build your brand and your reputation with your customers.  You can also help build a customer base that gives you consistent sales throughout the year.  Social media are marketing tools you need to start using now.  Here is how to market on social media.

Have a nice looking dispensary

An attractive store with a nice layout and a warm and comforting atmosphere will go a long way in making your customers want to return.  You can do things like putting your budtenders  in an informal uniform with your logo clearly displayed.  Have some color on the walls  and have your products well laid out and on display.  Cannabis is still a fairly new industry so you have to do your best to make customers feel warm and welcome.

Have a brand building strategy

Consistent and effective branding strategies will help you make the right first impression for new customers.  You can start the tone for your future relationships with your customers on the right foot when you use the right branding message.  It also helps set expectations as to the quality of the products you offer and the service customers can expect.

Have a great online presence

Part of your branding message it to have a professionally designed website that is visually appealing.  Most of the time this is the first impression that most customers will see.  Today, everybody checks out businesses online before ever setting foot in a local store.  Even when you have a brick and mortar store, don’t underestimate the importance of being online and setting up an SEO campaign.

Marketing cannabis is all about treading that fine line between getting your message in front of customers and the legal issues that surround the industry.  Even here in Vegas there are still plenty of rules around the industry.  Even in the cannabis industry you need to present a professional image and understanding the best use of your marketing dollars.  A reputable and experience cannabis marketing agency can help tremendously with that.